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Set of (4) Titan Venom Bags

Description from TitanBags.com

The venom is a bag was designed to be a versatile bag for players who enjoy playing with a fuller bag. These bags have a wide range of abilities consisting of airmails, roll shots, cut shots, slides, and drags. From the moment players pick them up, they have become an instant hit. The venom includes a never before used fabric on the slow side that acts as a natural breaking fabric, so depending on your angle of impact and the bag’s speed, you can easily change whether or not you want to block, roll, or cut with the bags.

Titan Cornhole bags have a 90 day warranty at the seam beginning on delivery date. Material punctures, snags, frays or other damages will be deemed as user-error or general wear and tear. Washing and boiling bags will void your warranty. 

Speed: 3/8

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