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Set of (4) SKYSTRIKE from Cornhole Coastal

Description from CornholeCoastal.com

The SKYSTRIKE gives you superior bag control, blocking ability and stopping power on the boards creating constant scoring opportunities with its “slow” side of 5. Once the SKYSTRIKE is flipped over, it embodies its name with an unmatched speed to the hole even in sticky board conditions! Rated as a 9 on the “fast” side, the bag empowers you with the ability to push through any situation! The sharp contrast in speeds of this bag screams versatility, as it gives you a number of options to more effectively execute your desired strategy. As with all bags in the Coastal lineup, the “blended” resin mix and unique fabric combination make for an inviting “feel” to the hand and give it the potential to hunt the hole on every throw! When the elements go haywire the SKYSTRIKE will hold you down and keep you in the fight!

Speeds: 5/9

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