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Limited Edition Sicarios (4) ACL 2023 Stamped

The revolutionary Sicario series features TWO MATERIALS EXCLUSIVE to Killshots Cornhole, our "Hybrid Carpet" and "Action" materials, as well as our all new "BULLSEYE" resin blend! These custom fabrics combined with our all new resin blend is a carpet throwers dream! The Bullseye resin blend is a small round fill that was designed to be used by players that bounce, roll, cut and is the new blend in a lot of our carpet bags! We spent almost a full year developing these custom blends of fabric, the slow side is one of the first to feature the "Hybrid Carpet" that we have developed creating a perfect blend between the traditional carpet style materials and your standard polyester slow sides. This makes this carpet slightly faster and more hole friendly than most, while playing true! The Sicario also features our custom "Action" material on the slick side. This custom fabric plays very similar to that of the slick side of our very popular 357 but has a softer feel in the hand. It will be very hole friendly once broken in.  

Speed: 4.5/8

Bounce: 4

Cut: 5

Firmness: 3