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Since ancient times, the ruby gemstone has been thought to bring power, mental strength, and good fortune to those in possession of the gem. At swag bags, we designed this bag to fit these characteristics. As a faster bag, the ruby will allow you to play a power game if you choose, easily sliding through opponent’s blockers and cleaning up the board.

The slow side of the ruby rates as a 6 on the speed scale, fast enough to slide in on an open board but can still be used as a blocker. The fast side grades out as a 9 on the speed scale and is very hole friendly, allowing players to push bags with ease. With a slightly smaller template than many bags of similar speeds, these bags can split gaps and slither their way into the hole. Once broken in the bags have a medium fill (not too overly floppy), allowing them to maintain their force on push shots.

Speed Rating: 6/9

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