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Set of (4) Limited Edition P90 from Killshots Cornhole

Description from KillShotsCornhole.com

The P90 offers very similar qualities to that of our 357 series which is quickly making this a new staple in the Killshots lineup! The slow side is quick enough to correct any bag that isn't thrown perfectly flat but slow enough to intentionally be able to cut the bag left to right or right to left! For a softer thrower you can get these bags to stop in front of the hole for a blocker. Any corner that touches the hole will start to work its way into the hole with these bags and it makes them very tough for any opponent to sneak around, saving you points over the course of those close games! This is all paired with what we consider our perfect slick side in the mag material. It offers a great feel in the hand while not being so slick you can't control it! Anything around the hole with this slick side you might as well consider 3 points because it's falling! These are arguably the most forgiving and hole friendly bags in the game. With a great feel and playability they will be sure to improve your game!!

Speed Rating: 6/9

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