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Set of (4) Limited Edition Napalm from Killshots Cornhole

Description from KillShotsCornhole.com

The long awaited "Napalm" series! Similar to Killshots Staple Bag. The 357 has been the #1 seller for Killshots ever since its release in 2020 and we have finally revamped the fan favorite!! 

Including the players material from the 357, it allows you to block, slide, cut and roll, it's truly a players' material. The Napalm also features our new Killshots exclusive "Trigger" Material!

Speed: 5/9

Bag Fabrics - Slow (Players) Slick (Trigger)

Resin Blend- The MARKSMAN resin blend is a very soft fill, that does allow for compacting, it will play very straight and true!