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Swag Bags is proud to introduce our new series, the KaBooM! This bag was developed over multiple months of testing until we felt we got it just right. From the hand feel and fill, to its work on the boards – each and every aspect was looked at closely to bring you a high-performing hybrid carpet bag that can do it all.

The slow side of the KaBooM! rates as a 5 on the speed scale. The carpet slides true with little to no kick and isn’t as affected by changes in humidity or board speed as many other fabrics. It does a great job maintaining that 5 speed in most conditions. With the hybrid carpet, players can still slide, roll, cut and flop as needed.

The faster side of the KaBooM! measures in as a 7 speed, giving players a little extra speed when they flip the bag over for a push shot. The fast side is quick enough for most shots, but still controllable allowing throwers to pitch with confidence on more aggressive shots.

After break in, this will be one of the nicest feeling bags you own. The flop level is just right, as the bags will get loose enough to slip into the hole but still provide their users with a nice grip and hand feel. It won’t be long before you’ll be yelling KaBooM! on the boards. #ThrowWithSWAG

Speed Rating: 5/7

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