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Set of (4) BG Viking Bags - Unreleased Design

Description from BGCornhole.com

The moment has come, one of the greatest bags to grace the game - Welcome BG VIKING!!!  Let's gooooo!!!!

As seen on ESPN, CBS Sports and ACL Network absolutely hitting every shot - slide, push, flop, curve - BG Viking will arm you with 4 little Soldiers that will help you take down all of your competition.

The slide side is fast but controllable and the slow side allows you to be aggressive with full confidence that the bag will move but not fly off the back of the board.  Both sides of this bag stay very true in most playing conditions.  Made from 10 oz polyester (faster side) and our BRAND NEW action material (slower side). Small closing seam filled to exactly 450g using a new ultra-premium blend of plastic pellets.  Perfect fill volume, template sewn for the ultimate consistency from bag to bag and constructed with commercial sewing machines using the strongest nylon thread on the market.

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